Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sending Your Finished Video from Memories On Web

Jennie Costner asked me to take a look at the video Hannah Costner made, so she saved it and attached it to an email she sent me. But I couldn't view it because even though she saved it on her computer, it did not include the photos and music that were stored elsewhere on her hard drive ... even though I had the same Memories on Web software on my computer. Here's how we solved the problem:

My response: Jennie,You're right ... you do have to have the MemoriesOnWeb software to view someone else's file, but I do, so that wasn't the problem. I'll try to explain, and offer a solution.

When you "save" your MemoriesOnWeb project, it only saves the software instructions ... not the media (like your picture and music). So, when I opened the file you sent me, it didn't have any pictures or music in it ...just the software instructions. The Music and Pictures remain on your harddrive..

The solution is for you to "publish" your timeline. This will create an Mpeg movie that you can then email to me. But ... before you click publish, you'll need to download a small program called "Xvid" from This program makes your file small enough to email and publish on Youtube. A brief word of caution here about downloading programs: Any time you download a program there is a small chance it will mess with your computer. I have downloaded Xvid to 3 computers in my house without problems, so the chances of it being a problem for you are pretty slim I think. But as with any download, make sure any irreplaceable info on your computer is backed up somewhere first ... this is always a good rule of thumb. If you are uncomfortable proceeding with the download, then don't go any further ... I'll arrange to drop by your house and look at it with you.

But if you are okay with proceeding ....Here's what you do:
1) Close your MemoriesOnWeb software and all other open applications.
2) Go to At the top of the page you'll see in large type"Looking for the Xvid Codec?" Clickon the line of type right under it that says "Get the latest version of the Xvid codec for your platform". This takes you to another page, where you'll scroll down to "Windows X86" and click on "Xvid for Windows".This takes you to a blue web page, Under "Thursday, 08.12.2008." find the"Download" box and click it. A dialog box opens where you can click "Save"... I would save it to your desktop.
3) You should now have a new "Xvid-1.2.1-12.20.08.exe" icon on your desktop.Click it, and the Xvid Setup Wizard opens. Click "Next", accept theagreement, click Next and then click Next through all of the boxes until you get to the Install box. Click "Install" , then "Finish".
4) Open the MemoriesOnWeb software and open your timeline.
5)Click the "publish" tab and you'll see a mostly white screen. At the bottom you'll see 4 choices, and to make a movie you can email, you'll choose "Generate new video".
6) In the box at the bottom where it says "Save Video files into folder",Navigate to "My Documents" and then "My Videos" inside of that. Navigate using the " ..." button at the bottom right of the screen.
7) Click the "Start" button and it will make your movie. When it is done, you should be able to locate it in your "My Videos" folder and click on it to play it.
8) Draft an email to me and attach the file.

Changing the color of titles in Memories on Web

Jane Kroening followed her first question with another: "It looks as though the text I put over a slide (always in white?) is sometimes difficult to read. Is there a way to have the script on the same slide, but not on top of the picture, which is usually over the subject’s face?"

My response: Jane, if your titles are full page, then I'd suggest making a separate title slide and putting the letters over a color background, and placing these full page titles in between your pictures in the timeline rather than over the pictures.

If your titles take up less than half of the screen, then you can move them lower. Double click on the title slide in the timeline and you'll get a window that says "Picture/Video Settings". Click on the "Edit" button in the lower right hand corner of the window. Now move your cursor over the highlighted type and the cursor changes to a hand. You can use the hand to drag the title toward the bottom of the page and off of someone's face. You can also change the color of the title in this window by clicking on the "A" with the color line under it. Stay with bright colors, like yellow or light blue.

Hope this helps!

Jane's response: Thanks for the tips….I’m almost done with my video. I really appreciate your time and help.

Making Music Compatible with Memories on Web

Jane Kroening sent me this question: "I am working on my son’s video for the JDRF walk and appreciate your instruction. Quick question….if I want to use a song from my Itunes library, but these songs are all .mp4, which isn’t compatible with the MemoriesonWeb program, is there a way to convert a song from an mp4 to an mp3, to make it compatible?"

My Response: Hi Jane, I haven't done this conversion myself, but if you google "convert mp4 to mp3" you'll find several free converters you can download. I can't vouch for any of them right now, but I'll try to download one over the weekend and test it. In the meantime, here's my usual warning on downloads: Any time youdownload a program there is a small chance it will mess with your computer. As with any download, make sure any irreplaceable info/data on your computer is backed up somewhere first ... this is always a good rule of thumb.

Jane responded: I figured out how to convert the mp4 songs to mp3…wasn’t difficult once I googled it and downloaded the software. Thanks for the tip.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

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Hello JDRF video makers! Post your videomaking questions and/or solutions here so our community of JDRF videomakers can help you with your questions and benefit from your solutions.

Welcome to the JDRF Videomakers Blog

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